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Secure Car Park Terms and Conditions

1) Car parking spaces will be allocated on a personal basis, one vehicle allocation per space.

2) There will be strictly 1 key per space for both front and rear gates.

3) Car spaces are not transferable without the express written permission of the management. This will only be granted for short periods of time.

4) Where an unallocated vehicle is found in the car park, the person responsible for allowing this will be in breach of their contact and may be liable to having their contract terminated without refund.

5) It is up to each vehicle owner to maintain the integrity of the secure car park by reporting any breaches to the management.

6) The loss of a key must be reported to the office at the earliest opportunity.

7) The management accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to vehicles in the secure car parking area.

Milton Keynes Marina Ltd, Registered Office: Stoke House Farm, Stoke Road, Stoke Hammond, Milton Keynes, Registered in England (No 7027708). VAT No: 974 8063 82