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10 & 15 year leashold mooring available

Leasehold Moorings

5, 10 and 15 year moorings at discounted price

£4,000 per year purchased (inc VAT) - ANY BOATT

Many people ask us whether we have any land for sale on the canal so that they can own their own moorings and keep their mooring costs down. Finding anyone willing to sell land along the canal is almost impossible, and even if you did, it is sold at a very high premium and can be very remote.

If you do purchase land, many boaters don’t realise you still have to pay mooring charges to the Canal & River Trust for mooring the boat in their water!  These mooring charges are usually referred to as “End of Garden” mooring charges and are usually set at 50% of the local CRT mooring charge.

At Milton Keynes Marina we have set aside 5 mooring only to be sold in 2016 as “Leasehold” moorings on a first come basis. Once purchased there would be no further mooring costs for the term of the contract – GUARANTEED.

Although called “Leasehold” moorings, these are discounted long term mooring contracts. They work in exactly the same way as annual contracts with full payment up front, however, with greater discounts because of the long term nature of the contract.

They will cost £4,000 per year purchased (including VAT). This is regardless of boat length or width - the marina can accomodate boats to a maximum width of 13' 6" and maximum length of 72'.  This offer is not open to House Boats and boats must have a working engineT. This means if your boat is longer than 54 feet and has a wide beam you will make an immediate saving at today’s prices. Due to the limited number of spaces, we will give preference to moorers wanting a longer contract period.

Most Asked question – what if I sell the boat or wish to leave the Marina?

The moorings cannot be sold, sublet, rented or passed on to any other moorer. The moorer can use the mooring for only one boat which must be registered with Milton Keynes Marina. Milton Keynes Marina will refund mooring fees where a boat is sold and the moorer no longer requires the mooring. The refund would be based on the fees which would have been paid for the moorings during the contract period. This ensures no one loses when a long term contract mooring is terminated early. The refund policy will apply in all cases when a mooring is no longer required under the mooring contract term, this includes death of the contracted moorer.

Example - 10 year mooring for 65 foot wide beam - £40,000
At current mooring prices, a saving of £8,672 - nearly 2 years mooring fees!
Example – 10 year mooring for 60 foot wide beam - £40,000
At current mooring prices, a saving of £4,928 - nearly 1 years mooring fees!
Example – 65 foot wide beam – leaves after 6 years on a 10 year Leasehold mooring
6 years of moorings at current price* would be £29,203 – refund would be £10,797
Example – 60 foot wide beam – leaves after 6 years on a 10 year Leasehold mooring
6 years of moorings at current price* would be £26,957 – refund would be £13,043.
* the refund would be based on actual prices across the mooring term, not based on current prices.

Clearly, these special offers have a limited life whilst we have available moorings.  The price is only valid to 31st December 2016.  The aim of these special offers is to fill the Marina and bring forward future earnings for investment in the Marina today.

Milton Keynes Marina Ltd, Registered Office: Stoke House Farm, Stoke Road, Stoke Hammond, Milton Keynes, Registered in England (No 7027708). VAT No: 974 8063 82